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It seems to me as if the teen porn market has really gained in popularity in recent years as there are now more teen porn sites out there than ever before. I don’t think that this is a bad thing though as I love watching those 18 and 19 year old girls being fucked hard, so of course when I was asked to review Stranded Teens I jumped at the chance.


So you are probably wondering what they site is all about and why they are stranded. The basic idea is that these teens are trying to hitch hike somewhere, but of course this is porn, so there will be some kind of payment to be made if they are to be picked up. In this instance, the payment is a good fucking, so it is quite a cool idea for a site and one that is executed very well indeed.

It Might Be New, But Give It Time

I should point out here that Stranded Teens is brand new, so there is not that much content on there, but they are adding more and more in order to really give their membership area a good boost. However, it is part of the Mofos Network, which is huge, so there are bonus websites available and at this point in its life it needs those bonus sites in order to survive.

But What About The Content?

So there might not be too much of it around, but how good is the actual content? In my opinion the scenes are hot and it is certainly a hot idea. The girls they use are all natural and I find it a real turn on to see them fucking before my very eyes. Everything is well shot and it just has that kind of amateur feel to it, but that ties in perfectly well with the style of scene and it is still shot in HD, so everything is cool.

This site is one that should be allowed to grow, but in my opinion it is still worth checking out since it is part of Mofos, they have a Stranded Teens discount already, and they really know what they are doing. Go and give it a shot.