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There are 42 videos at Sex Art and the running time of each is around 8 minutes. They can be downloaded on 3 MP4 formats. There are 52 galleries here and each photo set contains 190 pictures each. They are fullscreen captures and they can all be saved into a Zip file. It would have been better if they are in high resolution though so you may have to wait for some other time for that. Hopefully, they do that in the near future.


The Sex Art website is softcore but you would hardly notice that due to the fact that you will get hard from the get go. You would want to pounce hard on the girls here as they are extremely hot. Lesbian porn lovers would love the fact that most of the action here is girl to girl. They also exhibit man to woman action and this is where they might go to the hardcore porn category. It is a good thing that is not the case as they are keeping things at a minimum but still find ways to keep you aroused.

The site is full of wonderful stuff that you would not hesitate to recommend it to your friends. You got three options to view the images here and the biggest one will blow the screen off. The smallest one is good enough to give you a huge erection that is so big that it will not go away that easily. There is a bunch of HD movies here and they promise to take your breath away with the quality.

Sex Art is one porn site you would be glad you came across to because of all the things going on in here. You would wish you would have two cocks to jack off because the stuff here is just way too fine. The women here are smoking hot and they will make you wish you could take them out. Sex Art includes women masturbating themselves until they reach orgasm and that is always a nice sight to see.

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Former photographer of the year winner Petter Hegre shows he has what it takes to be called one of the best photographers in the world. There are 436 videos here and each one is around 6 minutes each. The Hegre Art scenes can be downloaded in several options and streamed on an embedded player. Among the download formats for the scenes are WMV and AVI.


Since we are talking about a photographer here, there is expected to be a load of galleries on this site and that is exactly what happens as there is 3463 photo sets here with about 60 pictures each. The photo sets can be saved into a Zip file and they are all in high resolution. The stuff he provides here is strictly softcore but you will still find them arousing so you can look forward to having a hard cock in no time. All the people who know Petter Hegre knows that he takes great pride in creating each erotic image a magnificent masterpiece. He won’t settle for second best as he knows beautiful women would want good photos about them and that is exactly what he is going to give them and all the members of the site.

The members on Hegre Art can post their own photos and they can give feedback on all of Hegre’s pictures. He welcomes all kinds of criticism since he knows that he can still improve despite the fact that a lot of people call him a genius when it comes to photography. You can go to his online store and purchase e-cards so you can send them to your friends with the picture of a nude gal. You can also download all the images to your mobile phone so you can jack off to these fine women wherever you may be.

There are so many gorgeous girls at Hegre Art that you would lose count how many times you hold your cock then drink your own cum. You will fall in love with the girls here but there is no chance to ask them to go out. This is one site you would really appreciate from the moment you become a member.

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There’s a reason behind everything. There’s a reason behind your name just as much as there’s a reason behind mine. Nothing came out of nothing and for the purpose of nothing. So again, there’s a reason behind everything just as there’s a reason behind the name ATK Exotics, which will perhaps be your newest favorite site in terms of pleasure the way men want it.

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ATK Exotics is a porn site like no other. I’m not saying that it has a niche that is of ultimate rarity. What I’m saying is that it’s one of a kind. For one thing, it’s a porn site that delivers diverse contents. So basically, you will be able to enjoy watching different races and the way they do sex. The list ranges from Asians, Latinas, Africans, Brazilians, Mexicans, whatever you could think of. It’s here! And oh, you might as well want to ask any girl if she’s Jamaican and if she tells you no, tell her you thought she was … ’cause Jamaican you crazy! Ha. It’s the determining principle to hook up with a girl of any race you want!

The universe is so big that no one can ever really make a full discovery of what it holds. Let alone the planet Earth, where we humans dwell in. What’s the relevance of these phrases? Well, I’d just like to say that what you get with ATK Exotics is as massive as what the universe has in store for all the fantasts out there. If you’d like to ask how many videos you can actually play through this site, there are over 4700 and they are all categorized based on race, sex style, niche and so on.

So basically, if you want a certain type of porn article to be played, you can just simply search for it through the text box or you could go categorical search so you can try something new of a certain classification you seek to explore. The subscription is very cheap, it’s only 21.66 dollars a month upon application of the ATK Exotics discount. There are also 16,000 picture sets, so yes, it’s worth more than what you pay for.

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If you want optimum satisfaction, then you need to have the best. However, everything comes with a price and the kind of satisfaction we get is also proportional to the amount that we put. So basically, there is a commensurate and in order to reap what it tends to sow, the right price must be entered.

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Unfortunately, generally, you can only get the best if you actually have the high expense for it. But on the brighter side of the story, and yes, I’m using a porn reference, ZTOD defies that commensurate. It’s imbalanced in a way that favors you and other porn addicts out there.

It’s an acronym, in case you don’t know and it stands for Zero Tolerance On Demand. What they mean to say is that they don’t tolerate bullcrap content. They want everything to be seamless and thus, be able to draw the best. But of course they don’t want to constrict the people from being able to enjoy their grace. So, in order to beat the competition, they produce the best without having to require a steep kind of amount for a subscription. And so as to keep all their subscribers on the loop, they update every week and tell them about it via email. 

What Do You Get With a ZTOD discount price?

ZTOD is next to perfection. This site truly lives by its names, it tends not to compromise its premise at all costs. So, if you ever get a chance to come visit the creative team of the site, you will see how meticulous the whole process goes. The models are all molded into the finest sex machines through practice and training, if you know what I mean. I guess what I’m trying to say is that what you get with ZTOD is nothing but the best. There are over 890 DVD quality videos with over 2600 models. The formats run from MP4 to XVID and to Flash, which give you compatibility options for your device in case you’re not only depending on your computer. As for the monthly subscription, it’s only for 19.95 a month. Truly worth more than its value!